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About Platform Shoes

Platform shoes are available in a wide array of styles. This style of shoe can range from the mini platform, which is about an inch in height, to the extreme platform which can be as high as 12 inches,.....

About Platform Shoes

Simply put, platform shoes are shoes with thick soles made from various types of materials such as plastic, cork, wood or rubber. The platform size can vary dramatically from an inch all the way up to several inches. New extreme varieties come up to an 8 inch platform heel.

Platform shoes can be traced back centuries and have an extensive history. Ancient civilizations used them for various reasons. It is believed that these shoes were worn in Ancient Greece to enhance the appearance of theatre actors and actresses. In the 16th century, it is believed that Europeans wore them to keep their feet clean and dry in the muddy streets. When they would sink into the loose soil barren roads, the platform of the shoe would sink, keeping their feet clean and dry.

In the United States, platform shoes were first introduced in the 1920's, but their popularity soared in the 1970's. During the 1970's the usual ? inch sole was replaced by the 2-4 inch platform sole. Unlike earlier eras, these shoes in the United States did not serve any purpose other than being the perfect accessory on the disco dance floor. Platform shoes had become the ultimate fashion must have.

Today, not much has changed. People wear shoes for fashion reasons. Many women claim that wearing shoes with thicker soles makes their legs appear longer and thinner. Some wish for the additional inches that they feel enhance their appearance. In today's Western Culture, it is the tall thin model that is portrayed as beautiful and sexy, so naturally, these shoes are an inexpensive, effective way to enhance their appearance.

Platform shoes are available in a wide array of styles. This style of shoe can range from the mini platform, which is about an inch in height, to the extreme platform which can be as high as 12 inches, however, most platform goers do not wear a shoe with a sole thickness of more than 7.5 inches. Some of these shoes feature high stiletto type heels while others have a chunkier base. Wedge style platform shoes are also very popular. Sexy sandal style shoes with a thick sole can be worn with nice evening attire. Platform shoes are available in any style or color in wide price ranges.

While quite the fashion trend, learning to walk in them can be a challenge. When learning to walk in this style of shoe, it is best to choose a conservative height. Begin with a mini 1 or 2 inch platform and work up in height as your comfort level increases. Take short strides always walking heel to toe. Balance is key when walking in platforms, so keeping your legs as strait as possible will also help. As your confidence rises with mini platforms, increase your platform height by ? - 1 inch at a time.

Some platform shoes however may be much less of a challenge than others. Many do not feature a high heel, rather the whole platform is at the same level, like a block. While these chunkier heels may be high in inches, they really are very easy to walk in.

Foreplay Footwear - Sexy High Heel Platform Shoes and Knee High Boots
By Sarah Eldred
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Choosing a Winter Jacket - Worth the Time and Money Spent If Chosen Correctly

Jackets are short coats which are similar to the ones that were worn by the French peasants. The word jacket is a French word**Apart from a practical winter jacket, jackets may be used by those who indulge in sports like skiing or bike racing.....

Choosing a Winter Jacket - Worth the Time and Money Spent If Chosen Correctly

Winter is the time when nights are very cold and long, and cold winds begin to blow and the days are short. With the arrival of such season all the warm clothes come out of hiding as now clothing that keep us warm is the necessity of the season. One such clothing that is very important during winters is the jacket.

Jackets are short coats which are similar to the ones that were worn by the French peasants. The word jacket is a French word. Jackets are generally worn under a coat or in place of a coat during winters. Nowadays it has become fashionable to wear stylish winter jackets without any coats. Choosing a winter jacket is easy because jackets are available in colors and materials which eliminate the need of a coat altogether.

Jackets may be of different types but one thing that is common to all jackets is that they have zippers in the collars, pockets, sleeves and in the front part. They are usually worn over sweaters or over other clothes. Though coats and jackets are both worn during winters, jackets are a little different as they are shorter as well as lighter than coats.

Apart from a practical winter jacket, jackets may be used by those who indulge in sports like skiing or bike racing. Jackets that are worn doing skiing should be long enough to go under the waist. These Jackets usually have a cord that can be drawn from both edges along the bottom or elastic at the waist level. Due to the elastic and the cord snow powder cannot enter the jacket while skiing. But just a jacket does not suffice hence storm cuffs are also necessary on the wrists.

Sometimes a winter jacket is worn over a sweater. It is also a good idea to wear a polar fleece jacket in the inside so that it insulates the body from the cold that is felt outside during skiing. Fleece jackets are very warm like wool and very light, and they can be maintained very easily as they are easy to wash and can bear the hard weather as well.

There are certain things that need to be kept in mind before choosing a winter jacket.

One need to be practical and sensible while choosing the color and only such colors should be chosen which are universal and go with every sort of dress that is worn.

If the jacket has not been stitched properly and does not fit beautifully on a person it is not worth.
A practical winter jacket should always be a formal one.

While going for jackets one should always go for a classic style and avoid very dressy ones and jackets that have ultra trendy edges. Keep these factors in mind while choosing a winter jacket and be assured of making a good selection!

carl formby owns and operates fleecewinterjackets.com, with info on Children's Winter Jackets and the Women's Winter Jacket
By Carl Formby
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Shoe Shopping Do's and Dont's

Finally I've developed some guidelines for shoe shopping, and found with a little time and care - and a great shoe store - I can find even high heels I will not hate wearing....

Shoe Shopping Do's and Dont's

At the risk of sounding unwomanly, let me just say it - while I like shopping for shoes, I hate high heels.

I hate the tyranny of style that says I should wear high heels. I hate the feeling of my toes crammed and cramped into the end of the shoe, hate the feeling that all my weight is resting on my poor cramped toes. I mutter about foot binding and Barbie. I remind my daughter "you can't run in high heels."

So what's worse than having to wear high heels? Wearing high heels that don't fit! Once I was the last-minute substitute bridesmaid in a friend's wedding, and standing through a long Episcopal wedding service - including communion - in two inch heels a half size too small was a true act of friendship. My toes were not comforted by the fact that the shoes were dyed to match the dress. Needless to say, I kicked them into a corner when the dancing started.

Now I'm no fashionista, but I do occasionally feel the need for shoes with heels - a respectable pump, decent dress boots, summer sandals with a little flair. I have suffered through some expensive mistakes over the years, and I have my share of shoes in the back of the closet, bought in a hurry and worn only once or twice. Finally I've developed some guidelines for shoe shopping, and found with a little time and care - and a great shoe store - I can find even high heels I will not hate wearing.

First of all, looks are important - but fit comes first! Visit a great local shoe store and have a good salesperson measure your feet. Most of us have feet that are different sizes, and some us have special needs in the world of mass-produced shoes. Ill-fitting shoes can cause real damage to your feet, not to mention your attitude.

Second - try on both shoes (see above)! This may seem obvious, but you'd be surprised how many folks don't bother. Walk around the store, go up and down some steps, run in place. We all depend on being able to get the fit right as we break in the shoe, but a bad fit won't get better with time and wear. With high heels, a bad fit can cause you to fall - not a great look!

Take the time to try on more than one style, as looks can be deceiving. That gorgeous sandal may not flatter your feet; those boots you saw on the red carpet may only look good there.

Third, make sure you understand the store's return policy. Can you get your money back or only store credit? How long do you have? How much wear is too much? A return policy should look like this one from Housershoes.com.

Using these simple guidelines, I've managed to acquire a well-fitting range of high heels - dress shoes, boots and sandals - that I don't hate to wear. Don't tell my daughter, but sometimes I enjoy the feeling of being all dressed up, right down to my toes.

By Georgia Eliot
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Benefits of Wearing Fragrance

Benefits of Wearing Fragrance...Harmless Chemicals:Pleasant Odours:Perfect Size:Long Lasting Effect:Different Season Wear:Different Types of Perfume Available: Affordable Price:...

Benefits of Wearing Fragrance

If you are supposing to buy perfumes & cologne than you haves to keep in your mind some issues which are generated that how it is use full for you. In a fragrance there are so many varieties are avails with different floral, scents, mixture and sizes.

Which are providing us so many reasons & benefits to wears it.

1. Harmless Chemicals:

Harmless Chemicals those are fully tested before its introduction which are using in the mixture according skin & hair heaths. We can use it as a skin care, hairs care and health care due to chemical reaction with our bodies' chemicals. There is no any side effects are generated due to chemical reactions. Give time for the perfumes to unfold for chemical reactions and never rub it after spraying it as it will ruin the composition where Balenciaga Cologne is full of perfect chemicals.

2. Pleasant Odours:

Scent is useful to make you sensual and it help us to improve the impression & different image, change the moods, show off your generated feelings and create a different environment around you. Scents always make pulse points for you these include primarily your radial pulse points on your wrist. In the present time scents are collections of the different flowery, fresh, oriental and floral fragrances from the directories where Bill Blass is famous for best smells.

3. Perfect Size:

Today every fragrance are introducing in the present time with different bottle size which is making it attractive and easy to catch it and bring it. Another benefit is different attractive colors making it shining & impulsive. Due to attractive colors we can forward it as gift and present on any celebrate where Calvin Klein Cologne is famous for perfect size.

4. Long Lasting Effect:

Long time smells is beneficial for us to long time journey, tours and 1 or 2 business days. Long time smells is hold with mixture of different qualities product like flowers, fruits, and collections of special qualities chemicals which help to hold the smells of the scent for long time where Bobby Jones Cologne is perfect for long time period.

5. Different Season Wear:

Another benefit is that fragrance is designed for different time schedule to use. In time schedule we can use long time smell cologne for daytime, occasion, causal and 2 business days. Another time schedule for short time is likes party, evening, night; moods and romantic wears which help us to describe the feeling and emotions etc according to our requirement where Carolina Herrera is perfect for all season and different time wear.

6. Different Types of Perfume Available:

There are so many designer and networks are avails which are providing us different perfume into different form according to our body need such as shower gel and body lotion, give a longer lasting fragrance all over the body and body oils for shining & relaxation. Common form of the floral is liquid which can be use by men and women where Escada Perfume is perfect different form.

7. Affordable Price:

Another benefit is branded scents and colognes are coming with discount offers & cheap prices so most of the peoples can buy it now easy from anywhere. Now we can easily wear brand perfume according to our taste and choice.

Harry Jonson is a cosmetics specialist that regularly reviews the latest perfume. Also get knowledge about other perfumes like Online Perfume Store, Discount Perfume, Coty Perfume, Creed Perfume and Davidoff Perfume. For more details visit at http://www.overstockperfume.com
By Harry Jonson
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There Are Many Benefits When it Comes to Shopping For Handbags Online

If you find a bag you would like on a website but want to physically feel it then try to find it in a local department store as they tend to stock a lot of handbags and are bound have it or a similar brand/model, if you like it and the price is not cheaper in the store then just go back online and purchase it.....

There Are Many Benefits When it Comes to Shopping For Handbags Online

More people are shopping online these days and so that includes women and their need for handbags, online makes it so much easier. There are many advantages of online handbag shopping including no weariness from walking all day, no transportation costs like petrol or bus fares, you can compare handbag prices from many different online stores and easily make the payment and place your order. So here we are going to explain all the wonderful things about shopping at home from your personal computer.

As you would know if you have been out shopping all day before it can make you very tired because of all the walking, driving or waiting for the bus. Beside being tired you might go home with nothing at the end of the day because perhaps the shop with the handbag that you have made your decision on is to far to walk or might be closed by the time you get there so you'll have to come again some other day! So when you're on your home PC all those things disappear and it's only fingers that do the exercise and that will not make you tired and you save money because of no bus fares, petrol, and food.

Having to remember prices while you are walking around all day is also tiring and you might forget if you don't write it down where as on the internet you can just easily bookmark all your favourite handbags from many different stores and compare the prices, it's that easy. There are some really good websites out there than can compare prices on particular handbag brands and models from many different online retailers thus saving you the time and work. With the extra money you save by not spending it on food and petrol when you go out you can spend a little extra on your handbag.

Some minor issues when it comes to online shopping is that you won't be able to physically feel the bag and you might have to wait a while for it to be delivered but there are ways you can get around these issues. If you find a bag you would like on a website but want to physically feel it then try to find it in a local department store as they tend to stock a lot of handbags and are bound have it or a similar brand/model, if you like it and the price is not cheaper in the store then just go back online and purchase it. For the delivery waiting period you could pay a tiny bit extra for an express delivery to get it a few days quicker but however many days you need to wait it's worth it as you saved your time, energy and cash by staying at home and shopping on your PC.

So you as you can see shopping for handbags online has more benefits than shopping offline and there are so many online stores that specialize in handbag sales so just search around and you'll find them.

Andrew is an author of many articles covering various topics and writes for http://www.shoppingforgirls.com.au - a website that specialises in leather handbags.
By Andrew Burman
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Military and Aviator Sunglasses - The Newest Fashion Craze

Military and Aviator Sunglasses - The Newest Fashion Craze

The heat of the summer is out and yet you might see more people wearing those extra large shades that almost cover half of their faces. Well don't ever think that they're going crazy, instead (to give you a little info) they're on a fashion craze. The wearing of aviator shades is now the latest trend when it comes to fashion. Maybe you're the only one left behind. Like the incorporation of the camo gears in the latest fashion statements, this military equipment is also hitting the trend.

The aviator shades as the name implies were originally used in aviation by aviators and air force personnel. The military and other forces also used the same as protective eyewear especially when they are deployed in desert or tropical areas. The aviator shades are designed to keep the strong wind current and dusts or sands away from the eyes of the aviators especially when flying low on open planes. These glasses are smoked or dark colored to protect the eyes from the light of the sun. The aviator and military sunglasses were originally available as supplies for military along with the other tactical gears.

After spending years in the battlefield the aviator shades and military sunglasses have infiltrated the fashion boutiques. Several new designs of these glasses are coming out in different colors and designs. Fashion boutiques offer different kinds of military inspired fashion shades and glasses aside from their complete line of camo gears.

If you are looking for the original issue aviator and military sunglasses you can check them out at the military supplies and surplus shops nearest you area. You can also order them online on the online military supply stores that offer a wide selection of brand new and surplus official issues of aviator shades and military gears and supplies.
If you have one you can flaunt it out as what others do especially when the sun is at its fullest or even when the sun starts to hide. The use of aviator shades and military sunglasses as fashion shades doesn't choose any time or weather condition, you can use it as long as you can see what lies ahead of you. Or others just use it as headbands to adorn their heads and hairs.

This article was written by Omar Mazatleen. I have a website where you can find the very best information on Air Force Surplus as well as Camo Gear.

By Omar Mazatleen
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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sandals

Fashion sandals have a wide array of styles. For example, the espadrille sandal has a flexible sole and fabric upper...Flip flops,Rainbow Sandals , Birkenstock sandals,Harley Davidson sandals are made for women .....

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sandals

Everyone has their own idea when the word "sandal" is mentioned. Some may think casual, some may think dressy, and some sporty. Even Merriam-Webster's dictionary has different meanings: 1) a shoe consisting of a sole strapped to the foot; 2) a low-cut shoe that fastens by an ankle strap; 3) a strap to hold on a slipper or low shoe; 4) a rubber overshoe cut very low.

Fashion sandals have a wide array of styles. For example, the espadrille sandal has a flexible sole and fabric upper. The huarache is a sling-backed sandal that has a little heel and woven leather strips that make the upper. Both these styles of sandals would be appropriate for casual wear. The t-strap sandal or toe-loop sandal both have very little to cover the feet. The t-strap comes between the toes and hooks to a strap around the ankle. The toe-loop has one toe ring to keep the sandal in place. These too are very casual sandals and perhaps not the most appropriate for the office, but great for the beach if you want to get a tan on your feet. Wedge sandals and clogs both have thick soles, both often incorporate cork for the heels. Wedges tend to be more dressy as they usually have a peep toe and a capped heel, where as clogs can be bit clunky for dresses and skirts.

Flip flops are perhaps the most popular type of sandal. These sandals are so named because of the sound the footwear makes when worn. Flip-flops have one strap in between the big and second toe and therefore, can be very loose when wearing. These sandals, though, can be very diverse. Depending on what the straps and the soles are made of, they can be very dressy, enough to be worn with a formal dress, or casual enough to be worn to the beach.

There are many brand name sandals ranging from Teva, Rainbow, Birkenstock to Born, Jack Rogers, Bernardo and even Harley-Davidson.

Rainbow Sandals Inc. was established in 1974 in California and is one of the top three manufacturers along with Reef and Teva. Rainbow sandals are essentially high-end flip flops made of leather or hemp. They have arch support that is built-in which can mold to the wearer's foot.

This is similar to Birkenstock sandals. These German sandals developed the contoured cork sandal insole in 1964, though the insole was originally developed in the 1890's. Birkenstock's have been sold in the U.S. Since 1967 and are popular among those that work on their feet such as doctors and professors since they have been known to give relief to foot and leg conditions.

Harley Davidson sandals are made for women and are most often made of black leather with lots of black straps and silver rivets. They are perfect when you want to ride in on your bike and make a statement!

Sandals come in all shapes and sizes, for men and for women. They can be for dress or casual, but are comfortable and perfect for any warm weather!

By Jeff Leftwich
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Swimsuits Aren't Just For Swimming Anymore!

swimsuit fashions are skimpy bikinis from Brazil, one piece suits with cut outs, suits made of fabrics with bright fun prints, all combined with variety of embellishments....

Swimsuits Aren't Just For Swimming Anymore!

It seems lately that the swimsuit has evolved into a very fashionable piece of a woman's wardrobe. Gone are the days of the simple one piece primarily used to get wet. The latest swimsuit fashions are skimpy bikinis from Brazil, one piece suits with cut outs, suits made of fabrics with bright fun prints, all combined with variety of embellishments. Cover ups compliment the ensemble and are must when sitting poolside or at the beach.

Brazilian swimsuits are not for everyone. In most cases, the Brazilian fit covers less and shows more. Typically a Brazilian cut curves in more on the backside revealing more of the behind. The 2009 Brazilian suits will have special details like cross hatch, pattern mixing, and large bright florals. A great reference for the Brazilian look is Dineila Brazil.

The one piece suit has evolved into a stylish silhouette. You will often see the sides of a one piece "cut out" to show more of the stomach and back. The one piece suit can be a halter without any ties around the neck. One pieces are often shown with fun ties at the hip, or embellishments for a very glamorous look. A great example of the updated one piece can be found by Bikini Flavors.

Prints can be found everywhere in the swim 2009 collections. Paisley, tattoo, fruits, florals, checks....prints are in. It will sure make for fun at the pool or beach.

A cover up can be almost anything these days. A large white shirt can be tied or belted over your suit and you'll look great. True Religion Swimwear and Jessica Simpson Swimwear both showed this sassy look at a recent trade show event. For the bottom, a skirt or sarong still seems to be the most popular option. Sarongs can come in a variety of fabrications such as cotton, georgette, or polyester and offer coverage without being too revealing.

A great source for sarongs is http://sassysarongs.com Whatever you choose as your swimsuit style for next year, remember to glam it up with accessories and a cover up and you'll be in style.

By Lisa Zajdel
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Rolex Watches - The Status of Wealth

Rolex Watches - The Status of Wealth

Rolex watches are designed to exceed expectations. It takes more than a year to assemble over 220 minute pieces. Rolex watches are designed to be extremely ostentatious so that you can spot one on a wrist a mile away. This is how most businessman want it, the perfect reflection of his wealth and the respect he should be accorded. Rolex watches are not cheap as they come with a hefty price tag that some even are forced to finance for a duration of time. That is until the Replica Rolex entered the market which allowed thousands the ability to purchase the same looking watch that gives off the same sophisticated appeal for a much smaller price tag.

Rolex watches are probably one of the most copied watches in the world. Many of the counterfeits use very good mechanical movements that lets the sweep second hand glide around the dial chapters, a Rolex trait. Rolex watches are one of the most widely acclaimed wristwatches. These extraordinary time pieces can be worn at all times and for all occasions: sports, business, work, play, evening and formal wear.

Rolex watches are instantly recognizable they are a status symbol. Rolex was founded in 1905 at the time wristwatches were popular with women and the pocket watch for men . Rolex watches are considered status symbols by many. Rolex is the largest single luxury watch brand by far, with estimated revenues of around US$ 3 billion (2003). Rolex watches are known world over for the quality and for the variety of wrist watch models in the world. Rolex is the world famous name in the industry of wristwatch manufacturers.

Rolex watches are truly luxurious watches and are therefore, expensive. These watches had never been within the reach of common masses. Rolex watches are designed to exceed expectations. Each watch consists of numerous tiny parts that are assembled systematically, giving attention to every small detail. Rolex watches are stylized luxury watches There are diverse kinds of watches covet sports watch, dress watch, casual be on the look and celebrity style luxury watch.

Rolex watches are prized among collectors and some of them might not be willing to part with their prestigious timepieces, no matter how high you might set the price. But that does not mean that you will not be able to locate one.

The Author of Rolex Super Store invites you to try a Rolex today. Feel the Power wearing a Rolex brings.
By Daryl Grammer
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