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Why Should You Buy Used Shoes?

There is also stretching of the uppers depending on the size and shape of the foot. These factors can combine to create a loose fit in which the foot of the second wearer is not stabilized, cause undue friction for the new wearer, or both....

Why Should You Buy Used Shoes?

There are a surprising number of used shoes sold on websites such as eBay and Craigslist, but is it smart to buy used shoes? For what it is worth, my suggestion is to not resort to used shoes unless you are experiencing severe financial hardship. There are very limited exceptions to that suggestion.

Growing up, many of my clothes were hand-me-downs from older cousins. However, I do not remember ever wearing shoes previously worn by anyone else. Untold millions of people in countries such as Haiti wear used shoes but, because of poverty, their option is often going barefoot. Being faced with such choices is virtually unknown in the United States.

Unlike most articles of clothing, shoes cannot be altered or cleaned. Also unlike most articles of clothing, the uppers of shoes take on creases and bends depending on the size and shape of the original wearer’s feet and his or her gait. There is also stretching of the uppers depending on the size and shape of the foot. These factors can combine to create a loose fit in which the foot of the second wearer is not stabilized, cause undue friction for the new wearer, or both.

Heel and sole wear also varies with the wearer and, depending on the material, the insoles may permanently conform to the shape of the wearer’s soles. The wear pattern may put stress on a new wearer’s feet and/or legs. Is saving a few dollars by wearing used shoes worth the possibility of injuring your feet? Only you can make that decision.

There is one exception to my suggestion that you not buy used shoes. Many people have shoes they seldom, if ever, wear that they received as gifts or bought for special occasions. Assuming they have no significant creases or wear, such used shoes can be a very good buy.

I have bought thousands of shoes for posting on my website OddShoeFinder.com. Because of the extremely low prices I post, some site users have asked me if the shoes are used. To answer that question, I throw away any shoes with any visible wear because I do not want to be responsible for anyone’s foot pain.

By: kent
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Where Do Circa Skate Shoes Come From?

The circa skate shoes have EVA midsoles. The midsoles in your skate shoes help you with several different things. These include the balance between the board feel, flex, and also cushioning. And the circa skate shoes also have a little extra comfort added to them to help you out more....

Where Do Circa Skate Shoes Come From?

For people who are very serious about skateboarding and are looking for the ultimate skate shoes they should take a good long look at the circa skate shoes that are offered.

Today, circa skate shoes are the ultimate skate shoes. Circa skate shoes can not be matched in their style, their comfort, their durability, or their still uncompromised technical and practical features. When your out skateboarding you will be glad to have that support from the circa skate shoes.

Lets take a closer look at the advanced technical features that the circa skate shoes offer to whomever is wearing them. First there is the advanced cushioning system. This system used in the circa skate shoes uses two different chambers, both of which are low profile of course, that can react separately to absorb shock from any off center landings that you may have. This way your circa skate shoes help it hurt a little less when you land wrong so that you can just keep on going. Circa skate shoes also have a method to help you protect yourself against any of that unwanted heel bruising. To achieve this circa have c1 reflex cushions built directly into their skate shoes.

Looking at the balance issues it can be said that circa skate shoes work to help you improve. The circa skate shoes have EVA midsoles. The midsoles in your skate shoes help you with several different things. These include the balance between the board feel, flex, and also cushioning. And the circa skate shoes also have a little extra comfort added to them to help you out more. To achieve this extra comfort circa has a two layer foot bed made with either foam or some sponge to their skate shoes. This is very helpful when it comes time for you to concentrate. One other thing that has been added to the circa skate shoe are the abrasion resistant toe caps. This will make it harder for you to peel off the toes of your shoes. The circa skate shoes also have lace protection, obviously to help keep your laces in tact, and waffle tread patterns to help avoid losing your footing.

Another common name that you will find for circa skate shoes is c1cra skate shoes. Citra is absolutely dedicated to making the best skate shoes they possibly can. They research, design, and test their skate shoes using their team of international professional skaters. You may have heard of a few of these skaters. The list includes the skateboarders Sierra Fellers, Nobby Roth, Windsor James, Gavin Adams, Toney Tave, Peter Ramondetta, Colt Cannon, Adrian Lopez, Jon Allie, Dennis Durrant, Flex O’Conner, Rodrigo Lima, and Fabian Verhaeghe just to name a few. These skateboarders and many more support the efforts of circa skate shoes and many of them wear them to their own competitions. Needless to say, if you are looking for the most comfortable, the most durable, and one of the best skate shoes you can get the circa skate shoes would be a great choice.

By: hassan ahmad
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Clogs - A Medical Boon For Your Feet

Clogs - A Medical Boon For Your Feet

Clogs have arrived again with a bang. Tough for last few years the use of clogs had been on a wane, but now we can see people putting on enthusiastically these comfortable fashion footwear. Definitely, the clogs are here to add something special to your personality and extend your charm like never before.

The clogs make your feet one of the most attracting body parts. You will see people gazing at your feet with great admiration. Probably, they need to talk to your feet. This is the magic of your clogs. Are they talking machines? No! No! Exactly not. But what would you call the beautiful low sound which comes out when you move on?

Clogs, made of wooden soles and leather, once supposed to be a footwear of farmers only, have now successfully crept onto the shoe stands of many professionals. One can easily see medical personals wearing them all the time. After all who knows their benefits better than them.

Not only that they themselves use clogs, they also recommend patients with feet related problems to use them. They protect feet from many diseases as they are found to be hygienic and they disallow bacteria concentration. Necessarily, they are too supportive for your legs.

The features given above are merely a glimpse of a wide range of benefits a pair of clogs can provide you. They help you stand up with a right and straight posture. Unlike high heels, they are found to reduce the pain in lower back and make your calf muscles stress free.

The most striking parts of the clogs are their wooden soles. The soles are designed by medical experts like orthopedists. They ensure while designing these clogs that the soles make a complete match with the shape of your feet. Thus no extra pressure on your spine!

The other important thing about the clogs are their open backs. Most of the clogs are designed this way only. Thus your feet become free from sweating as they keep breathing profoundly. Moreover, the specific design of clogs doesn't allow them to press hard on your feet. So no sore marks!

The wooden soles are very durable and are comfortable in all the seasons. In summer they keep our feet safe from heat and they provide enough warmth in winter. Definitely, everybody knows that wood is one of the best insulators.

By: Dexter James
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Types Of Ipath Skate Shoes

The Ipath skate shoe is a great shoe for all of your skateboarding needs. You can find them in stores and online. When you do decide to buy your Ipath skate shoes you need to be sure to pick a pair that fit and will be stylish with anything that you plan to wear....

Types Of Ipath Skate Shoes

Ipath skate shoes are not just one more brand in the vast seas of shoes and skate shoes. They are a brand that has their very own style. Their style is an earthy one that anybody can see as unique. Ipath skate shoes also happen to be one of the most comfortable skate shoes you can by.

There are a number of different styles of Ipath skate shoes. They are said to be the most comfortable shoes on the market. Don’t believe me? Try them yourself. And that’s not all, they have a great look to them too.

Some of the different types Ipath skate shoes are the Shearling shoes. They are warm for those cold days and will reassure you that you will not freeze. They have awesome leather with a cushioned insole and reinforced heel and logos in all the best places.

Another shoe is called the Ipath cat. It has a lightly padded inside for a good fit and balance and support. This is the shoe for you especially runners. It would be good for you because they are light and are not heavily padded leaving you room for air.

Next is the Ipath ras. It is a very clean grip skate to make sure you don’t fall and the top has a leather/suede combination. It is triple stitched for strength. It also includes durable rubber outsoles. So if you like what you here this may be the shoe for you.

Another incredible shoe is called the Ipath grasshopper. The colors come in black/Rasta hemp, Mocha/brown leather, and brown hemp. This colorful shoe is made with Velcro so it is easy to get on and off. It is also padded on the inside for comfort and is breathable. This skate shoe is made with rubber soles for flexibility and is triple stitched leaving you a pleasant feeling of security.

Made with suede and leather is the Centennial. Along with its great looks this shoe is a triple stitched comfort with awesome color combinations. How do they do this? It has breathable material on the toes to make sure the smell can get out and to keep you nice and cool when you work or play hard inside or out. Also made of this soft fabric for a long lasting time is the tongue of this amazing shoe that will leave you speechless from the texture and you would be happy about you’re decision of this wonderful shoe.

The Ipath skate shoe is a great shoe for all of your skateboarding needs. You can find them in stores and online. When you do decide to buy your Ipath skate shoes you need to be sure to pick a pair that fit and will be stylish with anything that you plan to wear. If you shop online you should find out what their return policy on shoes that don’t fit is so that you can be sure that there is no possibility that you get stuck with something you can’t use.

By: hassan ahmad
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Polio Survivors Can Opt Any Design Of Mismatched Shoes

Polio Survivors Can Opt Any Design Of Mismatched Shoes

For all those people who are affected from polio and are also caused by its symptoms are found to have mismatched feet. Due to this reason many people are not able to find a perfect pair of shoe for their feet. Such polio survivors find it difficult to get a shoe so that they can cover their feet. Today you can find many online shoe finder related services n facilities to help you get a shoe for your feet. Even a mismatched shoe can help you cover your feet and can provide you comfort. Polio survivors go through various difficulties and because of foot length difference; they find difficulty in wearing a pair of shoes. To get resolved this problem, you need to find a mismatched pair of shoes for your feet. Two different types of shoes can help you to wear a shoe for your feet.

People who are polio survivors can find such types of shoes anywhere they prefer. They can get it from the stores or they can shop online. Polio survivors can get a larger shoe for one feet and smaller shoe for the other feet. The online shoe providers come up with various designs of shoes to keep up with the latest styles of shoes for polio effected people. The purpose of online shoe providers is to help all those people who have mismatched feet or deformed feet. These online shoe providers are a kind of big help to all those polio survivors who have to buy two different pair of shoes for their feet and to again sell the same mismatched pair of shoes. If you are buying mismatched shoes online, you can save your money and can avail discounts. Moreover you can also sell those pair of shoes which you think is not of your use.

Two different sizes of shoes are worn by polio survivors due to foot length difference. Pair of different mismatched shoes can be found in any shoe store that specializes in selling those types of shoes. These shoes can even be sold back to the store. Online shopping of these types of shoes can save your time of visiting the store. You can choose any type of shoe that you feel will give your feet comfort and you can walk easily. Online shopping of shoes helps you save your precious time. The most important advantage of online shoe finding is that you can also sell your own shoes to them, which you feel is no more of your use. The stores sell those shoes to other customers and in this same pair of shoe becomes useful to other person.

The people who are polio survivors are mostly found to have two different size of foot. To solve this kind of problem, they can visit such stores where foot difference shoes are found. Polio affected people found it hard to get a good pair of shoes that can provide better comfort. Generally mismatched shoes are not of same brand. You can find mismatched shoes of same brand very rarely.

By: kent
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This Year's Dc Skate Shoes

DC skate shoes are built for skateboarding as well as snowboarding. The incredible technology that was put into this shoe was included high friction so you can shred the mountain with safety....

This Year's Dc Skate Shoes

This year DC skate shoes have a brand new winter selection to choose from. There are 11 new killer DC skate shoes. Every one you pass will stare at you with envy at these cool old school shoes. With the awesome graphics and the striking bold colors you will feel like you are the ruler of the world while wearing DC skate shoes. Some of the shoes that I like are the GALLENT S SE with its vibrant blue color and the material of choice Super Suede Plus it is a favorite of the variety.

The next type is called the Premier S. This is the second choice on the top four shoes. It is a real skater shoe. With its TPR toe guard and a much needed shock absorbing heel airbag it will make sure you feel safe and free at the same time. MANTECA 3 M S is the next pick out of the four. These are all for color and creativity. With extreme resistance to tear and scratch the soles have an unbelievable grip. These shoes aren't just for looks they have features like elastic tongue holds and their reinforced upper half makes them an awesome DC skate shoe.

Last but not least on the top four is the SMITH 2.0 SSE this show off shoe is the newest series from the pro skater Ryan smith. These shoes have a sort of faded look and come in one solid color. The options are Black or Dark chocolate. Like all the DC skate shoes these skate shoes have excellent cup sole construction with a foam padded caller and tongue.

A little history behind the DC skate shoe's company:

This cool shoe company grew from a plain old clothes factory to a remarkable action packed athletics company. And business is booming. The founders of this historic place's names are Ken Block and Damon Way. DC has always pushed in the shoe fashion for men, women, and even children. With support by many pro skaters such as Rob Dyrdek, Danny Way, and Colin McKay in the release of " The DC Video" showed the breathtaking talent and featured Danny Way breaking not just one but 2 world records. In 2004 the owners sold the company to Quicksilver for a total of 84 million dollars. That much money would be about 10 percent of Quicksilver's sales today. Later the company decided to name their very own DC veteran Nick Adcock as their president. What will become of this loved corporation we will never know until then but for now all you skateboard riders this is the shoe that will help you become a better rider, and help you learn easier and faster because DC skate shoes can at least give you the comfort you need to keep on riding.

By: hassan ahmad
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Parts Of A Shoe

Parts Of A Shoe

There are several different parts to a shoe. The part that contacts the ground is the outer sole and heel. Shoes can be done up in a variety of ways other than laces. They can have buckles across the top or at the side; there may be leather thongs to wind around and tie or there could be buttons. No mater what they are made of or how they fasten, shoes have become an integral part of our lives.

These may be in one piece or separate depending on the type of shoe. The heel may be short and flat or high and spiky or anywhere in between. The part of the shoe that contacts the bottom of your foot is the inner sole. In between that and the outer sole is the middle sole that is usually made of some kind of padding for shock absorption.

The part of the shoe that is on top of your foot is called the upper. It may be anything from a few thin straps to totally enclosing the foot. Men's work boots may have a steel toecap inserted. The upper is in many cases split down the centre to allow ease of fit. Laces are mostly used to close this split. Under the laces is a tongue that protects the foot being rubbed by the laces. Some sports shoes have Velcro fastenings. If there is no split there may be elastic inserts in each side.

Shoes can be done up in a variety of ways other than laces. The part of the shoe that is on top of your foot is called the upper. It may be anything from a few thin straps to totally enclosing the foot. Men's work boots may have a steel toecap inserted.

The upper is in many cases split down the centre to allow ease of fit. Laces are mostly used to close this split. Under the laces is a tongue that protects the foot being rubbed by the laces. Some sports shoes have Velcro fastenings. If there is no split there may be elastic inserts in each side. They can have buckles across the top or at the side; there may be leather thongs to wind around and tie or there could be buttons. No mater what they are made of or how they fasten, shoes have become an integral part of our lives.

By: Melanie Click
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Slippers Take A Fashionable Step Into The Great Outdoors

Slippers Take A Fashionable Step Into The Great Outdoors

IN the week that a British fashion icon stepped into the spotlight to become the new face – and feet – of a popular range of women’s comfort shoes, newspapers have been full of stories about a new role for that perennial Christmas favourite ….the slipper.

As Jilly Johnson – reputedly The Sun’s first page three model – was unveiled as the famous face behind the new range Gluv ladies’ shoes and boots, the naked truth about the humble slipper was vying with her for the headlines.

For, as reports two national newspapers, an increasing number of us are sporting our slippers not inside in front of the fire or after stepping out of the bath – but outside.

The reasons behind this couldn’t be more contrasting.

The Daily Mail reports that drunk British women on high-heels will now get free slippers so they don't fall and twist their ankles.

The slippers will be handed to them by the police as they leave nightclubs in the wee hours of the morning. The scheme is part of a ?30,000 drive by police and councillors to prevent “alcohol-related harm”.

The scheme is to begin in December 2008 in the centre of Torquay, Devon, a popular destination for hen and stag parties.

Police officers will carry bags of coloured slippers on their rounds and will hand them to those who look unsteady on their feet.

Inspector Adrian Leisk told the Daily Mail: “Sometimes people get drunk and you see them carrying footwear which is inappropriate.

“The emphasis is on providing replacement footwear for people to get home in, should they find their footwear uncomfortable, inappropriate or soiled.

“We have consulted with people who work on our night-time economy areas and this is just one of a number of measures designed to keep people safe.”

Although the move has been attacked by a taxpayers’ watchdog as ‘a waste of money’, some women drinkers like the idea.

Ms Danielle Bolton, 19, told the newspaper: “My heels hurt me at the end of the night so I tend to take them off.

“It's a hell of a lot easier to walk in slippers than high heels.”

In contrast, the Financial Times reports that a surge in the number of people wearing slippers outside has been triggered by the credit crunch – as well as a European trend now reaching the UK.

One of London’s oldest shoemakers said the trend was becoming more noticeable. “In particular, more and more young people are starting to wear slippers outside,” he said. “A young dapper-looking Australian fellow who works for one of our graphic design companies came to the office this summer in a pair of velvet slippers.”

It was reported that the Italian businessman and playboy Flavio Briatore, who married 28-year-old “Wonderbra” model Elisabetta Gregoraci in June, may have kicked off the trend when he was spotted wearing men’s slippers without socks at his wedding.

As slipper sales are poised to hit their Christmas peak in the UK, don’t be surprised if you see more and more of us wearing them as we take part in our traditional Christmas constitutional.

Jilly Johnson – you may need scarf and gloves for your next slipper photoshoot for Gluv!

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Personalized Kids Clothing

Kids Clothing - The Elementary Years-As your child enters middle school he or she will start expressing their likes and dislikes even more.,Making Kids Clothing Affordable...

Personalized Kids Clothing

Buying kids clothing is no easy task. Kids sizing is somewhat ambiguous. All manufacturers seem to make customized kids clothing. That means no two sizes are alike. In fact kids clothing is a lot like women's clothing. A 2T in one brand of kids clothing wear may be the same as a 3T in another's.

So if you buy your 2-year old toddler a 2T t-shirt in one brand it may or may not fit. You just can't count on sizing unless you try it on or you know your baby's exact height and weight and can compare.

As kids get a little bigger it's a lot easier to shop - and to take advantage of promotional kids clothing. Sales items are the latest and greatest thing when kids get older and the sizing starts to make more sense.

Kids Clothing - The Elementary Years

Kids start to take an active interest in what they wear around the time they start elementary school. Don't worry; you don't have to rush out and buy branded kids clothing yet. You can still get away with discounted wear. However, you can also still enjoy a few pieces of personalized kids clothing too. Do you sew? Your child will still enjoy a home knit sweater, at least during the early elementary years.

As your child enters middle school he or she will start expressing their likes and dislikes even more. Long gone are the days when pastel colors or bold primary colors were all you had to worry about when shopping.

NOW is the time when your child may start shunning promotional kids clothing in favor of a few major brand names. What do you do if you find buying kids clothing is breaking the bank?

Making Kids Clothing Affordable

Kids grow out of their clothing just as fast as they grow into their clothing. To help you pay for the cost of clothes, it often helps to buy second-hand. Many consignment shops sell promotional kids clothing for half the cost of new clothes at brand name department stores.

The best part? Many consignment shops or second-hand shops sell practically new kids clothing for a fraction of the cost of traditional retail outlets. You can even find a few gems - never before worn pieces of designer kids wear - if you search through the racks of clothing carefully.

If you don't want to spend hours doing this, have your child help you. Tell them if they really want to look cool then they have to do what it takes to find affordable kids wear. Most kids are more than willing to shop for kids clothing with you as they grow older, because they will want to veto certain items you select while eagerly accepting others.

You can also put your child on an allowance so they learn how to "earn" certain specialty items like that expensive pair of sneakers or customized jeans they want to wear. Never buy expensive kids clothing for just a season unless you have good reason because most kids will grow out of it before you blink an eye, unless you have a child that will grow into it the following season.

Matt Franks is director of Fluid Branding, the UK's leading online supplier of Promotional Kids Clothing and other Promotional Products. You can also find a wide range of Eco Friendly promotional products, including Recycled, Organic and Sustainable items at Eco Incentives.

By Matt Franks
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Fracas by Robert Piguet - Timeless Cult Fragrance of the Happy Few

Fracas by Robert Piguet
Timeless Cult Fragrance of the Happy Few

Smells, like sounds and colors spark off emotions, especially when harmoniously combined, like musical chords. Situations and conflicts can also provoke emotions. The overwhelming feelings experienced by audiences of films or plays were already known by the classic Greek tragedians : they called these extreme changes in emotions "catharsis", which can translate as purification.

In his work "Poetics", Aristotle has analysed how the triggering of sudden intense emotional disruptions result in a feeling of renewal, restoration and cleansing. Like a beneficial storm, the cathartis or purification's mysterious psychological process leaves us refreshed and revitalized but transformed.

Works of art capable to bring us to the level of catharsis are few: poems, plays, songs, symphonies, paintings or now films they remain the legacy of giants, the Homer, Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Mozart or van Gogh. They are the great timeless classics and speak a universal language. By ephemeral means, true artists have always tried to reach the universal after an often painful emotional journey through their own human natures. Results can sometimes be ambiguous as remarked British art critic Walter Pater (1839-1894) in his writings about the mystery of Mona Lisa , "this beauty into which the soul with all its maladies has passed."

Scientists now know that the sense of smell is not perceived by the cortex of the brain. Smells connect straight into the lower brain, which relates to memories and emotions. As a result, if fragrances do not have any " cognitive" effect, they can have an enormous emotional impact. The same scientists have also found out that women are more receptive to colors and smells than men.

Perfume making, like film making is a new art form. Less acknowledged than the so called "fine arts" perhaps, but a true art form nevertheless. Modern perfume making actually started in the 1920's. New chemical components called "aldehydes" opened the possibilities to create elaborate complex compositions. Aldehydes make fragrance notes "sparkle". Emotions provoked by compositions of well arranged fragrance notes are more intense.

Among the multiple fragrances available today, very few have reached the status of true classics. One of the most famous is Chanel's No.5, actually one of the first "artificial" perfumes deliberately created as a composition. There is no coincidence in the fact that Chanel No.5 has had its popularity enhanced by several emotionally very influential artists. Everyone knows Marilyn Monroe's witty reply when asked once by some journalist what she wore in bed: "Why, Chanel No.5 of course!" Andy Warhol also contributed to make Chanel No.5 into a pop icon when he created several of his world famous silkscreens with the No.5 bottle as a motif.

Less widely known but a true masterpiece, Robert Piguet's Fracas is now gaining in popularity after having for years remained a cult fragrance among the privileged and the happy few. The very concept of Fracas is intentionally disruptive and emotional. Fracas, in French means tumult with nuances that could be conveyed through words like ram, crash, blast, or irrupt. It was intentionally provocative but also intriguing. Like a mystery. Fracas puts you in a mood where you want to know more about the person who wears it: it is insolent but also spell-binding. Emotional, sensuous, carnal and very sexy. You get hypnotized and enchanted.

I discovered Fracas as a young fashion model in New York many years ago. At the time I was wearing some of Kiehl's famous compositions like "Rain" or "Smoke". I also enjoyed a fine citrus fragrance called "Love" which has now disappeared. Coming once into a studio where I was booked, I had the surprise to discover that I would work in the company of one of the models I admired the most, Donna Mitchell. She was surrounded with this fascinating fragrance and I asked her about it. She told me the story of Fracas. In the evening, when I came back home, I had bought my first bottle and started a long love story with this perfume.

Fracas was the creation of Swiss born Robert Piguet (1898-1953) one of the era's most talented fashion designers in Paris. With the cooperation of specialist Germaine Cellier, Piguet had launched his first fragrance, Bandit, in 1945. Cellier and Piguet then started to work on a completely new concept: a fragrance which would be of the utmost elegance but at the same time very provocative and emotionally charged. It came out in 1948. Piguet chose the name Fracas.

An intriguing, complex and rousing composition of tuberose, jonquil, jasmine, lilac and white iris, Fracas was too disruptive and too carnal not to provoke some hesitations and was not immediately accepted. Robert Piguet unfortunately fell ill shortly after. A perfectionist, he did not want his fashion house to survive him. After selling the expensive real estate, he generously gave a part of the money to his 400 employees and retired in Lausanne where he died in 1953.

Less strict with his fragrances, Robert Piguet accepted the continuation of his line of perfumes. But without the back-up of a powerful commercial organisation, Bandit and Fracas could not really compete with other fragrances from larger companies.

Few fragrances have been copied as much as Fracas. Its influence can be perceived in many recent compositions, which have often tried to provoke similar emotional reactions. Over the years it has remained the secret cult fragrance of many celebrities from different generations : today it is the favorite of icons like Princess Caroline of Monaco, Madonna, Uma Thurman, Courtney Love and many others.

A native of Sweden, Gunilla Lindblad has been lucky enough to have a long and successful career as a fashion model in Europe and the United States. She has made over 200 magazine covers worldwide, including many Vogue covers. Over the years she has gained a unique insider's experience in the fashion business and has become an enthusiast expert in her fields which include beauty products, fashion and accessories. She lives in New York.

By Gunilla Lindblad
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Find the Movie T-Shirt You Are Looking For

movie t-shirt***Massive Numbers of Choices,This means that if all that you want is just one shirt made for you, Digital Printing Technology,Any Movie Any Image....

Find the Movie T-Shirt You Are Looking For

So you have a certain movie t-shirt in mind but you can't seem to find it at any of your local retail establishments. The reason for this is simple and that is that local establishments such as you will find at your local mall only cater to a mainstream clientele when it comes to movie memorabilia and t-shirts. So your next place to search is going to have to be online which should have been your first place to look.

Massive Numbers of Choices

This is because there are now new online sources that carry a massive selection of movie t-shirts. This means that no matter how obscure the movie that you have in mind, chances are that they will have your shirt in stock. Also, on the long shot that they don't have your shirt in stock, many of these online movie t-shirt sources will custom craft your shirt on the spot.

Any Image

Simply email them the image that you want printed on your t-shirt and they can produce your shirt for you, usually with no minimum order requirements or fees. This means that if all that you want is just one shirt made for you, they can do it just like that at a surprisingly low cost.

Digital Printing Technology

Its all thanks to revolutionary new breakthroughs in digital printing technology that has slashed the cost of printing custom t-shirts. Unlike silk screen, digital printing requires no set up work or costs. Your image is simply scanned into the printers memory and then printed directly onto your custom t-shirt.

Any Movie Any Image

Its basically the same technology that you have seen being used on paper in Kinkos for years. Only now it has been adapted to be used on cloth. So now, no matter what movie you have in mind or what image from that movie, you can have it printed onto a t-shirt quickly and easily at one of the many online custom t-shirt printers.

Article authored by Francesco Kafferty. Check out our website to find even more information on Movie Shirts and plus info on Novelty T-Shirts.
By Francesco Kafferty
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Tips on How to Design Your Own T-Shirt

great ideas for custom t-shirts floating around in your head for a while**
Possible Design Adjustments,Light Colors on Dark Fabric,Digital Printing,Silk Screening....

Tips on How to Design Your Own T-Shirt

OK so you've had some great ideas for custom t-shirts floating around in your head for a while and now you want to turn them into reality. What are your first steps to take and how can you get your finished product on your back or on the market as quickly and expediently as possible?

Possible Design Adjustments

If you are lucky, your designs and the color schemes in them will coordinate beautifully on a finished t-shirt but more often then not you will have to make some type of adjustments. This all has to do with the types of ink that are used and just how your t-shit is going to be printed out.

Light Colors on Dark Fabric

For instance, light colors on a dark fabric present their own particular problems that has to do with coverage. That is that a light color on a dark shirt is not going to be as vibrant as you might have in mind. That is unless you have your custom t-shirt silk screened with a thick rubbery type of colorant.

Digital Printing

For digital printing, which is the fastest and cheapest method, you are going to have to think light colored fabrics. This is because the type of dye that digital t-shirt printers use is thin, so it will work in the ink jets hence, it it simply wont cover a dark fabric as well.

Silk Screening

If you are determined to go with light colors over dark fabric, then you are going to have to go with silk screening, which means higher expense and a minimum order requirement. Also, with silk screening the more colors that you use in your design scheme, the more it is going to cost you, because each color requires a separate frame to be made and a separate pass with the ink.

Article authored by Francesco Kafferty. Check out our website to find even more information on Design Your Own T-Shirt and plus info on Custom T-Shirts.
By Francesco Kafferty
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Create Your Own Promotional Custom T-Shirts

How can they be implemented in a promotional campaign in a cost effective manner...Sell or Give Away,Trade Shows and Fairs,Digital or Silk Screen,Color Schemes....

Create Your Own Promotional Custom T-Shirts

The effectiveness of custom t-shirts as a promotional gimmick can't be denied because for decades top companies have been using them to promote their products and services. However are promotional custom t-shirts for every business? Also, how can they be implemented in a promotional campaign in a cost effective manner.

Sell or Give Away

To begin with, custom t-shirts when used as a promotional device are distributed in one of two ways. That is, that they are either given away or they are sold, preferably at a profit but not necessarily always so. Where they are distributed can have a big impact on whether or not they can be sold or not.

Trade Shows and Fairs

For instance, if you were operating a booth at a trade fair, you may want to consider giving your custom t-shirts away to people who are demonstrating an interest in you product or services or live in a geographic location where exposure may be particularly beneficial. However, a performing rock band, for instance, would always want to sell their promotional custom t-shirts at their shows.

Digital or Silk Screen

Cost per shirt is another big factor in dealing with custom t-.shirts as a promotional item. While digital printing technology has encroached heavily into the traditional silk screen t-shirt business, there is still a place for silk screen. For instance, for smaller orders of custom t-shirts digital is the only way to go, because it is going to give your lowest cost per shirt. However; for larger numbers of custom t-shirts you will reap your greatest savings by going with silk screen.

Color Schemes

Color schemes are still one more consideration. The ink that digital printers use is a thin type of ink and works best when laying darker colors over lighter colored fabrics. However; if your design calls for lighter colors to be laid over darker fabric then you will have to go with silk screening that used a much thicker ink.

Article authored by Francesco Kafferty. Get all the info you need on Custom T-Shirts as well as Design Your Own T-Shirt
By Francesco Kafferty
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Finer Points of Creating Novelty T-Shirts

technological advancements have now made creating your own novelty t-shirts ,Create Even One T-Shirt,Silk Screen Frame,Digital printing of novelty t-shirts ,Light Colors on Dark Fabrics....

Finer Points of Creating Novelty T-Shirts

The reasons why people create and wear novelty t-shirts are just too many to mention but one thing that they all have in common is how they are made. Everyone, has at some time come up with at least one great idea for a novelty t-shirt but not everyone has the means to have their concepts turned into reality. However; new technological advancements have now made creating your own novelty t-shirts easier to do then ever before.

Create Even One T-Shirt

Its the advent of digital print technology that has made creating novelty t-shirts so much easier to do now. Not only are they cheaper using this new technology but there is no more need for minimum orders. This means that now if you only want a few or even one t-shirt created you can easily find an online source that will do it for you.

Silk Screen Frame

In the past, a silk screen frame had to be created with the shirts design on it. Then this frame was used in the silk screen printing process. It was all of the labor that was required to create the print frame that necessitated the need for a minimum order. To produce just a few shirts from the frame that was created was simply not cost effective.

Digital Printing

Digital printing of novelty t-shirts operates on the same principles as a digital printer that prints paper down at Kinkos. Your image or design is first loaded into he printers memory and then it is simply transferred onto what ever fabric or shirt you are having your design printed on. This means that there is no need for minimum order requirements.

Light Colors on Dark Fabrics

However; there is one thing that a digital printer cannot do as well as traditional silk screen printing and that is print light colors on dark fabrics. This is because digital printers use a very thin type of ink that functions well in its micro-sprayers. This means that for lighter colors printed onto darker colored fabrics, silk screen would be the ideal choice of methods.

Article written by Francesco Kafferty. Find out more details on Novelty T-Shirts and we also give you the top info on Movie Shirts
By Francesco Kafferty
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What Defines Cool Shirts

Who among you is wearing the cool t-shirt and who has the coolest hair cut?,Create Your Own Custom Shirts,you had a design for a cool shirt in your head that you wanted printed out, ....

What Defines Cool Shirts

You are getting ready to head out your door for the evening. Your mullet is trimmed up and fine tuned, with business in the front and a party flowing down the back and you have on your favorite well worn Metallica t-shirt. Down the walk you go and along the way you pass a Christian with short cropped hair and a "Jesus Loves You" t-shirt on and you both give each other funny looks.

Who and What is Cool?

Who among you is wearing the cool t-shirt and who has the coolest hair cut? In the end beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder, because just as you thought that he looked like a dork, so too did he think the same of you, believe it or not. So just what is it that defines a truly cool t-shirt in this day and age.

Create Your Own Custom Shirts

The fact is, that there really is no true definition of a cool shirt and the good news is that now it is easier than ever before for people to design and wear the shirt styles that suit them best. Its all thanks to new and innovative digital printing technology that is now more accessible then even on the Internet.

The Past is Gone

In the past, if you had a design for a cool shirt in your head that you wanted printed out, you had to go to a silk screen shop in your community and pay them to create a minimum order. The reason for this minimum order was that a silk screen frame had to be created, that was then used to create your cool shirt design.

Cheaper and Easier Than Ever

With new digital t-shirt printing technology, there is no longer a need for this labor intensive and expensive process, so you can have as few as one shirt printed, if that is all that you want. So now anyone can have any design that they come up with printed on their own custom cool shirt cheaply and easily.

Written by Francesco Kafferty. Here you can get premier info on Cool Shirts and you will also find the best information regarding Custom T-Shirts on our website as well.

By Francesco Kafferty
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Do Not Be a Prom Dress Disaster

tips, and you might just find your stress levels alleviated considerably:Be early-Be inspired-Be realistic.-Be different....

Do Not Be a Prom Dress Disaster

If you are a woman, you would understand when I say "The Dress have the Power to make or break". Every significant event in a woman's life is marked by the dress that went along with it. Woman around the world have closets full of these dresses they just cannot part with.

The Prom! Probably one of the occasions in a woman's life where the dress must be perfect. It's an event that's enough to send many a teenage girl into alternating bouts of excited raptures and blind panic, with the latter owing to the pressure of doing everything - from picking the most divine of party dresses, to settling on one of a myriad of prom hairstyles - right. In fact, for some, deciding on a prom dress is a lot more stressful than making it to graduation! Well, if you're already starting to panic about prom night this early, fear not.

Take heed of the following nifty tips, and you might just find your stress levels alleviated considerably:
Be open-minded.-

1. Be early.
Start shopping early, do not wait until the last moment, you know something will happen sooner or later, so have some ideas ready before the occasion presents itself. The prom is no different. By the time prom season rolls around, girls find themselves panic buying and drowning in a sea of prom dresses. It's always best to avoid the rush. Start looking around for a prom dress at least 4 months before the event, take your sweet time, and don't settle for the first half-decent frock you can find.

2. Be inspired.
With so many styles available and even more trends that come and go, deciding on a prom dress can be harder than picking a college; hence, why you should look for inspiration wherever you can find it. Of course, celebrity-inspired designer dresses are the most logical choice, so keep an eye out for red carpet events in magazine spreads, fashion websites, and the entertainment channels on TV. Who knows? You might find yourself donning a glamour dress in the style of Kate Middleton, or a Carrie Bradshaw-ish Sex and the City style number come prom night.

3. Be open-minded.
Just because you don't like how a dress looks on the mannequin or a hanger, doesn't mean it's not the dress for you. When shopping for prom dresses, it's always best to keep an open mind. Try on the dresses that you like and a few of the ones that you don't. You might be pleasantly surprised to find that a seemingly forlorn-looking frock on a hanger looks absolutely divine on you.

4. Be realistic.
Be aware that not everybody is built like Halle Berry, so do take stock of your figure before you choose a prom dress. You have to accept that you can't dress in the style of Vanessa Williams if you're about 3 feet tall, nor will you look good in a chiffon dress with flower embellishment if you have bigger thighs and arms. You might be partial to cocktail dresses, but you may look better in full-length pageant dresses (or vice versa), so don't be stubborn. Take your size and shape into consideration, if you do, you can't go wrong.

5. Be different.
Ignore the trends. Come Prom night, many girls just copy their summer dresses. Well, unless you're hell bent on being another pea from the pod, you obviously want to don a prom dress that you can be proud of calling your own and yours alone. With that in mind, why not go beyond the conventional prom dress and opt for something more adventurous, like a checkered black and white party dress, for instance? Better yet, why not hire a seamstress who can make a one-of-a-kind gown for you? Your dress will have you written in every seam, every section and every color. If that is not enough, you know it will fit you perfectly.

Prom dress shopping is an art, an exercise in very precise shopping skills. But with sheer focus, a clear perspective, and a fabulous sense of style, it's an exercise that's made easier - not a bad preparation for the real world at all!

On the hunt for a designer Prom Dress at a fraction of designer prices? At Goddiva you will find Celebrity Styles, but also unique Goddiva designs. Designs by our young team of cosmopolitan designers, dresses you will not find anywhere else online!

By Suzie Sweet
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Mom-to-Be Fashion

Mom-to-Be Fashion

Being pregnant doesn't mean that you can't be fashionable or sacrifice your self in some glamorous aspects. Sure, you will need adequate clothes to make you feel better and comfortable. At first you will try to get into your favorite jeans, but the point will come when you have to accept that they won't fit anymore and for your sake and that of your baby, you should go maternity clothing shopping.

You will have to sacrifice tights clothes that can make you uncomfortable and also high heel shoes since they can damage your spine or risk yourself to a fall. Don't worry about these little details; you will look fabulous in comfy modern flats, or low heel sandals and bohemian blousons.

Pregnant women are well known for being sexy; this stage of their lives brings out their beauty, and the highest expression of their femininity and sensuality, even though it may not be their main purpose.

Today, a lot of designers and trendy retail stores keep maternity very present while creating their collections. They know they are clothes that will be worn for only a few months, and that week by week their bellies will grow and they should adapt these pieces to fit to their growing bodies. Some even create their clothes keeping in mind that pregnant ladies might want to keep their maternity clothes after they get their regular body back, after all, wide, loose clothing is one of the favorite trends for this past and present seasons. All these aspects are important since the economic factor is the biggest priority in a growing family in this century, but fashionable women don't want to forget about feeling beautiful, sexy and in fashion.

Wedding dresses and lingerie can also be found available for pregnant silhouettes; those special moments don't have to be put on hold because of your pregnancy. There are thousands of looks for every taste and body for that special day, or that special night that will make you look and feel spectacular. The same thing happens with bathing suits, either modern bikinis, or classic one piece suits; there is one available for your weekend getaway.

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable while wearing this type of clothes, this season, bohemian dresses, flowy skirts and even skinny jeans are available for the mother to be. Printed fabrics, tights, cardigan sweaters, romantic blouses, jackets, cargo pants and shorts are among the favorites for this season's maternity wear.

Feel like the most beautiful woman in the world in your own skin while pregnant, it is a form of femininity that no one can explain, the shine in a woman's eyes can be admired from miles away, be sure to wear whatever you feel like, that unique spark and smile in your face will be your best accessory.

Confidence is also important, dare to show off your best feature to let the world know the miracle of motherhood, and continue to express your trendsetter attitude.

SalwarKameezIndia.com offers safe and secure online shopping; of more than 5000 unique fashion products for men, women, teens & kids shipped to you absolutely free anywhere in the world. Check out some bestsellers like maddona yellow georgette sari and different types of clothing, shoes, jewelry and fashion products.

By Priyanka Arora
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Find Your Perfect Evening Dress

tips are good for moms-to-be, curvy girls, or the average sized woman...Don't try to hide that tummy under an unattractive loose dress.,For plus sizes:hThere are a huge variety of colors, design details and lengths....

Find Your Perfect Evening Dress

My closet has a variety of dresses. There are conservative dresses for interviews and work, flirty and fun summer dresses and there are even a few cocktail dresses for special occasions. The one dress I don't have, though, is a formal evening dress. But that's about to change. I have been invited to a black tie gala and am on the hunt for the perfect dress.

I began my search by determining the type of dress I need. The difference between an evening dress and a regular dress is the formality of the occasion. Formal dresses are suitable for red carpet, black tie events. A normal every day dress can be worn to work, to dinner or to an informal get together.

It's good to be prepared for any occasion so I'm passing along some tips to remember while looking for your perfect evening dress. Many of these tips are good for moms-to-be, curvy girls, or the average sized woman.

For the Mommy-to-be:

Don't try to hide that tummy under an unattractive loose dress. And for goodness sakes, don't try to skip the event just because you think you look like a beached whale. Maternity designers have added many flattering evening dresses to their lines. If you're only a few weeks from delivery date or just starting to show there is a pretty evening dress that will flatter your figure. The dresses are available in a wide variety of colors and styles just right for the mother-to-be. One of the simplest choices is the little black dress. It's always in style, flatters and slims many figure types and is very versatile. An empire waist is comfortable and flatters the expectant mother.

For plus sizes:

For the curvy figure, evening dresses are widely available in many pretty styles. Of course there is always the little black dress, but why not choose another color in a flattering design. Look for a style that will draw attention to shoulders, flawless skin or your beautiful face. A halter top is a good choice.

The average size woman:

The average sized woman has the most choices in types dresses. There are a huge variety of colors, design details and lengths. The long evening dress can be flowing or clingy, heavy fabric or soft and satiny. The bodice can be strapless, off the shoulder, halter or sweetheart style. No matter your size or shape you can find a variety of evening gowns to fit your occasion.

Designer evening dresses are the envy of every woman. If you're feeling daring and a little sexy, try a full length Jennifer Lopez evening dress. Silky, flowing materials in stunning colors and sexy necklines will make you feel very womanly. Other popular designers include Alex Evenings dresses and Versace.

If the designer brand is out of your price range, consider buying a gown from a lesser-known designer. So, no matter what your occasion is, the size and shape of your body or the size of your budget, every woman can find the perfect dress for her. With a little time and a lot of patience, I found my perfect evening dress to add to the collection of dresses in my closet.

Tina McCarthy provides great information about how to buy an evening gown, plus many other informative articles, at her designer evening gowns website.

By Tina McCarthy
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Sexy Heels - Why Do Women Love Shoes?

The truth is women are in love with shoes.Here's why:Variety -Style -A Good Deal -Comfort -Durability -Trendy - Stability -Friendship -....

Sexy Heels - Why Do Women Love Shoes?

Why do girls like shoes so much? Simply because Shoes are hot.The hottest ones a girl can buy are the high heels, well so I've been told! Shoes are no longer something a girl simply wears on their feet but a passion, a hobby, one's personal statement, a source of authority, sexual independence and joy. They're a constant obsession in pop culture, endlessly talked about and fetishized in television, movies, song lyrics, and seem to be worn without fail by glamorous celebrities no matter the occasion. The most notorious of the shoe loving pop culture media is of the smash HBO series Sex in the City, in which shoes are one of its main themes.

The truth is women are in love with shoes.
Here's why:

Variety - women simply cannot wear the same shoe every day. They need change and shoes need to match what they are wearing and they need to match their activities and lifestyle.

Style - Many styles for different occasions when girls want to look good. When they want to look hot, the sexy heels shoes. Also when they want to look comfortable.

A Good Deal -Women are born to shop for shoes. It is a true skill and art. No true Women can turn down a good deal on a pair of sexy heels shoes. It is almost impossible for a true girl to resist a half price pair of high heels.

Comfort - The sexy heels vs the flats. Sexy heels look hot but a problem is that ten years down the line they will have no toes left so most women alternate between sexy heels shoes and flats. Therefore more shoes in the closet!

Durability - Well made women's shoes can last a lifetime. This is especially true if you do not wear them every day. As a result of this all the shoes build up the closet till it explodes.

Trendy - Unlike that hot pink leather skirt the girls partied in back in the day, the sexy heels shoes that they may have worn with it are still in fashion. In fact, Flashdance plastic jelly shoes have made a huge comeback. Therefore more shoes to buy.

Stability - Women grow but their shoe size doesn't.

Options - "Should I wear my 5 inch Marc Jacobs sexy heels shoes today, or my 2 inch Gucci loafers?" It's a woman's fundamental right to be able to make a choice on her own shoes. In order to help them make those difficult choices women need many different shoes to choose from.

Collections - men collect Playboy magazines. Women collect shoes.

Friendship - they say a dog is a mans best friend - well shoes are a woman's best friend. Shoes will always be there for women and the more friends she can get the better.

Thats it from sexy heels shoes Ladies if you are interested check out a good site I know, just cick the link then an ad. I have to say Bewarned I know people that can't stop using it!

me http://sexyheelsshoes.bravehost.com
By Connor McBroom
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Why is Faux Fur Popular?

This faux fur fabric has the look and feel of real fur and is just as warm. It can be dyed in various colours and prints to match the patterns on real fur be it chinchilla or cheetah....

Why is Faux Fur Popular?

It is a wonderful feeling to be wrapped up in a fur coat in the winters. The soft and luxurious material keeps you warm and comfortable in the worst of the biting cold. However, having all that fur around you does make you feel guilty that here you are warm and cozy at the cost a poor little helpless animal's life. It makes you wonder if man has actually left his barbaric ways! Hunting and skinning animals for food and clothing just like in the early evolution days. True, the circumstances were different then - for starters there was no PETA to object. Now, however, we are more civilized, we care for our environment and we are worried about the depleting arctic ice caps and disappearing species of flora and fauna. Yet, we continue to breed and kill rabbits, beavers, fox, bear and so many more animals for our comfort.

Well, all animal lovers and animal activists can now breathe a sigh of relief. Technological advances in science have heralded the start of a new method of saving the animals. In the late 1950s, came the creation of fake fur. This was made of acrylic polymers and over the years has gone from looking fake to seeming so authentic - it would take an expert to tell the fake from real. Acrylic polymers have been mixed with other polymers (for the non-techie, this is as far as I will venture) to produce what is called modacrylic fabric - in simple words - Faux Fur fabric.

This faux fur fabric has the look and feel of real fur and is just as warm. It can be dyed in various colours and prints to match the patterns on real fur be it chinchilla or cheetah. The properties of modacrylic fibers make it possible to obtain bright pink, turquoise, purple and even orange colored stuff. There is no limit to the probable uses of faux fur fabric. It is a very essential fashion resource visible on garments and accessories for both men and women. Homes now look brighter, elegant and sometimes just funky and stylized with the addition of bed linen - spreads, bolsters and blankets, furnishings such as rugs, throws and cushion covers. Soon the faux fur may replace the real stuff on walls too!

The fabric is fluffy, bouncy and light, which makes it perfect for accessories such as wraps and boas. Since it is durable and hand washable, faux fur fabric makes very good jackets and rugs! With the material being fire resistant, it's safe too specially when using it around the house! Usually you would need to keep fur away from moisture to avoid losing the sheen. With the advanced fabric curing, faux fur is more resistant to moisture and absorbs it less and so dries up faster. The sheen is maintained with the help of resins used to make the acrylic fibers. What's more, the faux fur fabric is resistant to insect attack!

With all these features, it is not hard to imagine why faux fur fabric is fast becoming a very popular choice for clothes as well as interior dcor. Being available at a fraction of the cost of real fur is just the tip of the iceberg of the benefits of faux fur fabric.

Christopher Schwebius is an entrepreneur who seeks out sharply defined, specifically focused topics to research. Upon finishing his research he provides relevant, un-biased information to his readers based on his discoveries and/or personal experiences. One of his latest ongoing projects can be viewed at http://www.fauxfur-rugs.com
By Christopher Schwebius
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Make Holiday Pajamas a Tradition in Your Home

Holiday pajamas in men's and women's sleepwear to make sure your personal comfort needs are met since you are unlikely going to need booties on the bottom of your flannel pajamas...

Make Holiday Pajamas a Tradition in Your Home

Holiday time is special for everyone, as the nights leading up to Christmas are filled with hot cocoa, festive dinners, and of course the big night and morning around the Christmas tree. After a large dinner or in the morning there is nothing better to enjoy yourself in than some festive Christmas pajamas. If you really want to go all out for the winter holidays you will want to purchase some special flannel pajamas or even matching family pajamas so your family can truly bond during the holiday that only comes once a year. There is nothing cuter than your family unwrapping their presents clad in Bed Head pajamas around the tree, and nothing will make a better picture for your holidays.

In fact, if you are truly inventive, and continue with the tradition of matching family pajamas that are purchased each year, you could sort through the years and categorize your scrapbook by which set of holiday pajamas everyone is wearing! Remember, Christmas comes but once a year so making an investment in flannel pajamas every year is not a bad purchase. Plus, since your children are going to associate their Christmas pajamas with presents, cheer, and joy, chances are they will wear them almost every day of the winter. Thus you can keep your family warm and cozy and keep a great scrapbook full of memories all in one.

For the adults, you can purchase your holiday pajamas in men's and women's sleepwear to make sure your personal comfort needs are met since you are unlikely going to need booties on the bottom of your flannel pajamas. This is a great idea for older children as well since your teenager daughter will probably enjoy women's sleepwear more than kid's pajamas as well. In fact, you may want to check out flannel pajamas by Bed Head to find adult and teenage options that everyone will enjoy with the same enthusiasm as younger children.

If you are wondering how exactly to make matching family pajamas a tradition around your Christmas tree with a wide array of ages, you may simply strive to keep everybody in flannel pajamas that all have the same holiday pajamas theme. For instance, one year everyone might have Christmas pajamas that have candy canes on them, and another year maybe everybody could have snowflake pajamas as their official holiday pajamas.

In fact, you can even spice up the tradition by having a raffle every Christmas in which the winner gets to choose the theme for next year's holiday pajamas. This way, the matching family pajamas become exciting for everyone instead of a drag. Of course as the years pass, you may have to repeat some styles and choices or Christmas pajamas, but you will still be creating memories for your children that will last a lifetime. Share the joy and embrace the togetherness that every family strives for around the holidays and start your own tradition of matching family pajamas today.

Find your favorite Christmas pajamas today at http://www.PurePajamas.com
Melinda Felton, http://www.PurePajamas.com

By Melinda Felton
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